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"Being a young woman who is making plans to set out into the world- I'm finding that the idea of closing one chapter of my life to begin another conjures up feelings of hope yet fear, and thoughts of reflection yet inspiration.. and it's all so Bittersweet."

There are elements of Jazz, Folk, Pop, Rock, Alternative, and maybe a little touch of Soul on the five songs included.
Some incredible musicians lent me their talents and time- in order to present the best work that, I think, I've done in years.
Thank you Ken Lovern, Seth Riker, Erica Mckenzie, Molly Erwin, and of course Rob Rebeck for all that you contributed.
It was recorded and mastered at Chapman Recording and Mastering.
Rob Rebeck did all the engineering, mixing, and basically co produced all of the songs. It was mastered by Neil Simpson.

Signed Bittersweet EP

SKU: 642
  • Replicated CD with full color graphics.

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