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What's Your Bittersweet Moment?

So, this morning, I posted on my various social media pages this call to action.

"Being a young woman who is making plans to start a new chapter in my life by moving away and pursuing a college education as well as a career in music- I'm finding the idea of moving from one chapter of my life to another conjures up feelings of hope yet fear, and thoughts of reflection yet inspiration.. And it's all so Bittersweet.

So, I beg to ask What experience(s) have you had in your life that have left you with the same feelings? Please respond using the hashtag#Bittersweet and I'll post some of them in a blog on my website. If they seem too personal that you're afraid to share them publicly- you can use the the contact form on and I'll change names in order to maintain your anonymity. I hope you'll participate, and I can't wait to see what you share. Remember to use the hashtag #Bittersweet"

So, will you answer the call?

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