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Click, scroll, help me be the neXt2rock!!!

Either I am the most persistent person on earth, a glutton for punishment, or a fool. Maybe a little of each??

You would think that after all that happened with the executive producers of American Idol three years ago.. I would shy away from any music related contests, but here I go and entered into this years' neXt2rock competition.

The winner gets all the perks of signing with a label, and not just any label- we're talking John Varvatos/Big Machine label. Can you imagine me on the same label as the likes of Ivory Blue, Cheap Trick, and dare I utter her name in the same breath- the Taylor Swift.

I am realistic.

I leave in late August- heading back to Murfreesboro, Tennessee and my classes at MTSU, and there is so much talent in the Kansas City Music scene. Every one of the groups/singers entered deserve the recognition.

Winning this would be nice, really really cool matter of fact- but I'm going to school for Music Business/Commercial Songwriting, and I'm 30 minutes out of Nashville, so I will make plenty of opportunities for myself to get signed.

But, again, it is a competition- so I would appreciate it greatly if you would click on the image above, register to rate the music and scroll along til you find me- then give me a 5 note rating!!

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